Nyabirongo - Natural

Altitude: 1300 – 1600 m.a.s.l.
Processing: Natural. Hand-picked, floated, sun-dried on raised beds
Harvest: October 2023
Variety: SL14 and SL28 and some older regional landrace varieties.
Cup profile: Well balanced and complex cup with a very pleasing crisp and clean acidity.


For 1 – 3 Bags £7.80 per Kg
For 4 – 9 Bags £7.50 per Kg
For 10 bags £7.20 per Kg

Supplied in 60 Kg Grainpro lined jute bags. Prices ex CWT Warehouse, Tilbury. Delivery per Pallet from £60 to £100 plus VAT depending on location.

Small volumes from 5 Kg also supplied, please enquire.
Martin Rowland Tel. 07814 798724 email: martin.rowland@agrievolve.com

Nyabirongo is a small community where the Agri Evolve Coffee Station is to be found just outside the town of Kisinga. This coffee has been sourced from a large number of smallholder farmers from this part of the Rwenzori region. Many farmers live in the lower areas at 1300masl, and others live higher in the foothills up to 1600masl and above.

There are over 2700 farmers from the area who bring their ripe cherries to the coffee station for processing. Regular turning of the cherries on raised beds enable them to dry slowly and for the full flavours to be absorbed into the coffee beans. Once the correct level of drying has been achieved the coffee is hulled, cleaned and graded by the modern machinery in our Dry Mill. This includes use of a colour sorter to clean the beans to a very high standard. Bagging in ‘Grainpro’ bags inside of jute sacks helps to ensure the coffee reaches the UK in perfect condition after the journey by truck to Mombasa and by boat to London.

Nyabirongo has a SCA score of 86. It is a well structured yet complex coffee, a classic example of the excellent quality of natural coffee from the Rwenzoris.

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