Ace 2030 employee

ACE 2030 is a 10 year programme, emphasising the integral link between Agriculture, Community and the Environment.
It sets out our involvement in each area, and defines our strategy for the next decade.
It shows how our work has an impact not only for farmers but for communities throughout this region, and the environment where we live and work.
Broad aims have been established for ACE 2030, and more detailed targets are set for each year.
Progress will be reported to all stakeholders on an annual basis.

Agriculture is at the very heart of community in the Rwenzoris. Farming to produce food, and cash crops, is the main daily activity for 80% of the population. Our work in the coffee sector over the last 5 years has resulted in significant development of  the sector. We have encourgaged an open and transparent market, provided training and support for farmers, created employment for many local people. We have channelled investment from overseas, transformed the infrastructure for coffee processing and seen growth and opportunity throughout the local area. We are a business, we encourage coffee farmers to be business focused in the way they operate. Coffee yields have improved in volume, but more importantly in quality. Prices paid to farmers are significantly higher than a few years ago. Wealth is being created  which brings significant benefit to the farmer, the family, the whole community.

Community is very important to Agri Evolve. We are very conscious of our role, position and responsibility within the local community. We are committed to being involved in supporting the local community to the best of our ability. From our base in Kisinga we operate throughout the Rwenzori region. Through our work we are involved with over 10,000 farmers and their families. We have provided employment for many builders, suppliers and traded with many local small businesses. We carry out community projects on behalf of some of our customers from around the world. We have provided pit latrines for a local school, a water borehole in our local town, we support a local organisation  providing craft training for young people who have dropped out of school. We mentor and support Youth Teams to become independent small businesses. We have contributed to relief efforts following local flooding which destroyed homes and infrastructure.

Environment is perhaps one of the most important words of the 21st century. Everyone is aware of the threat to the environment with global issues of pollution and carbon emissions. Everyone is conscious of climate change and the effect there has been on local weather. The seasons are less reliable, weather patterns more extreme and unpredictable. Severe flooding throughout the region in May 2020 focuses our minds on the issues and the need for more action throughout the region. We have enabled over 1400 energy efficient stoves to be constructed for local families, saving firewood. We have  established commnity tree nurseries to raise and plant 40000 trees in 2021.