From Ugandan Farmer to Coffee Roaster

Agri Evolve works with farmers in Uganda,  improving yields, increasing income and raising the quality of life for farmers, their families and their communities. We are mainly involved in the coffee sector and presently work with over 15,000 smallholder farmers. We are a green coffee bean importer and sell to green coffee bean roasters throughout the UK

For the last few years we have traded under the Rwenzori Coffee Co brand but from 2023 we are going back to where we started and using our company name Agri Evolve as our brand name.


Watch our video to learn more about how Agri Evolve is working with green coffee bean farmers in Uganda

Our Speciality Green Coffee Bean

Agri Evolve has been bringing coffee from the Rwenzori region of Uganda to the UK since 2018. During this time we have worked with the farmers to improve their production of speciality arabica coffee which is now regarded as one of the very best in the whole of East Africa.

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Coffee Roasting

Agri Evolve Ltd is a profit for purpose business working with farmers in Uganda to achieve higher yields, better quality, and effective marketing so that farmers improve their productivity, increase income and profitability for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Agriculture, Community, Environment; this is our programme of work, with our partners, to bring growth and development to local communities in Uganda and to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.

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Rwenzori revival

Later this year we will be celebrating 5 years of Agri Evolve’s involvement in the coffee sector in the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda. It was one of those chance meetings 5 years ago that put Jonny in touch with the Managing Director of Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd, a coffee exporting company that had been operating…

The Importance of Ownership

Agri Evolve is a Social Enterprise working with coffee farmers in Uganda to improve yields, productivity and income and raise the quality of life for farmers, their families and their communities. A few weeks ago our project manager came to me and said, ‘the workers have a request for you’. Usually I would then expect…

Uganda’s Wildlife

When I am in Kampala driving around the city can be quite a challenge with the amount of traffic. However, when I am going back to Kisinga in the west of Uganda I drive through the Queen Elizabeth Game Park, and quite often you have to watch out for the elephants as they cross the…