Katanda - Community Washed

Altitude: 1300 – 1600 m.a.s.l.
Processing: Community washed. Processed by farmers.
Harvest: October 2023
Variety: SL14 and SL28 and some older regional landrace varieties.
Cup profile: Balanced cup, good body, bright and crisp acidity.


For 1 – 3 Bags £6.80 per Kg
For 4 – 9 Bags £6.60 per Kg
For 10 bags £6.40 per Kg

Supplied in 60 Kg Grainpro lined jute bags. Prices ex CWT Warehouse, Tilbury. Delivery per Pallet from £60 to £100 plus VAT depending on location.

Small volumes from 5 Kg also supplied, please enquire.
Martin Rowland Tel. 07814 798724 email: martin.rowland@agrievolve.com

Katanda is a community at the very southern end of the Rwenzoris. In many ways the hills look similar to a typical view in the UK Lake District. The main difference, (apart from the climate!) is that the local people live on and farm these hillsides, growing a range of food crops and coffee as a cash crop.

We are using the name KATANDA for our community washed coffee. The farmers pick and then pulp their coffee cherries using hand pulpers. The pulped coffee is then washed and dried in the sun to produce ‘Parchment’.

Agri Evolve provides an open, transparent price and we pay the famers promptly when they bring their parchment to our coffee station at Nyabirongo. After rigorous assessment, the parchment is hulled, graded and prepared for export.

Katanda is a consistent coffee from season to season and thus is ideal as a blending component, but can also be offered as a single origin. It is a well balanced coffee with a good body, bright and crisp acidity, and plenty of fruity notes with stonefruit and apricot.

We are actively involved in distributing trees to farmers throughout this part of the Rwenzoris.

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