Kalingwe - Natural

Altitude: 1700 – 2000 m.a.s.l.
Processing: Natural. Hand-picked, floated, sun-dried on raised beds
Harvest: October 2023
Variety: SL14 and SL28 and some older regional landrace varieties.
Cup profile: Good balance with a textured and syrupy body, berries, milk chocolate and caramel.


For 1 – 3 Bags £7.80 per Kg
For 4 – 9 Bags £7.50 per Kg
For 10 bags £7.20 per Kg

Supplied in 60 Kg Grainpro lined jute bags. Prices ex CWT Warehouse, Tilbury. Delivery per Pallet from £60 to £100 plus VAT depending on location.

Small volumes from 5 Kg also supplied, please enquire.
Martin Rowland Tel. 07814 798724 email: martin.rowland@agrievolve.com

Kalingwe is a small community, high in the foothills of the Rwenzoris. There are 3 groups of coffee farmers within this area with a total of 107 farmers.

We have been providing training and support for over 5 years and the farmers have significantly improved their agronomy and harvesting practices over that time. Coffee cherries are picked when fully ripe and transported down to the Agri Evolve Coffee Station in the valley. After careful grading the cherries are sun dried for about 3 weeks before hulling, grading, cleaning and bagging.

For the main season (Oct-Nov) they delivered over 10 tonnes of cherries which have been processed to produce this batch. We have also been active in Kalingwe with community projects, and we have formed 2 Village Savings and Loans Scheme (VSLA) groups and distributed 1376 tree seedlings to farmers during 2023.

This coffee has an SCA score of 85.5. ‘A touch of red berry on the finish with a nice hint of funk. Textured and syrupy on the body. Good balance

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