Buzira - Fully Washed
Buzira coffee

Altitude: 1300 – 1600 m.a.s.l.
Processing: Fully Washed. Hand-picked, floated
Harvest: October 2023
Variety: SL14 and SL28 and some older regional landrace varieties.
Cup profile: Well balanced cup with a very pleasing crisp and clean acidity.


For 1 – 3 Bags £7.20 per Kg
For 4 – 9 Bags £7.00 per Kg
For 10 bags £6.80 per Kg

Supplied in 60 Kg Grainpro lined jute bags. Prices ex CWT Warehouse, Tilbury. Delivery per Pallet from £60 to £100 plus VAT depending on location.

Small volumes from 5 Kg also supplied, please enquire.
Martin Rowland Tel. 07814 798724 email: martin.rowland@agrievolve.com

Buzira is a community very close to our main coffee station at Nyabirongo in the southern part of the Rwenzoris. We have a strong connection with the community having helped to establish a clean water supply for the community in 2020.

BUZIRA is the name chosen for our centrally processed washed coffee. We purchase cherries from a wide area within the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Some of these cherries are pulped on arrival at Nyabirongo and then fermented in large tanks, usually for 24 hrs.

After washing the resulting ‘parchment’ is dried, either on raised beds or mechanically depending on a range of factors. When fully dried the parchment is stored in our warehouse until required for export. It is then hulled, graded and bagged.

As a washed coffee Buzira is a consistent and reliable product from season to season, with an SCA score between 83 and 84. It has great qualities as a single origin offering, and also makes a superb blend component and brings body, balance and fruitiness to any espresso or filter blend.

Training and farmer support play a big role in our work in the Rwenzoris. This is one of our staff members, Muhindo, at a training session with some of the farmers we work with.

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